SpirOps Animation

Procedural animation at the service of your projects.

A walk engine with infinite possibilities

Let your creativity run wild thanks to the large parameters set of our procedural animation engine. All the main aspects of your character's walking style can be controlled from head to toe.

Our engine understands and adapts to most common humanoid skeletons and we continue to improve its functionalities.

A layer dedicated to Virtual Reality

We have developed a layer dedicated to Virtual Reality which controls our procedural engine. It reproduces as accurately as possible the movements of the user using only 3 trackers !

Motion comprehension and synthesis

Our algorithm extracts and reproduces in real-time :

  • The estimated posture of the user
  • His speed and pace
  • His body orientation

to create the most credible animation (balanced avatar, natural elbow position, ...)

Automatic grasp

By simply adding some colliders and a reference position, we automatically generate fingers' movements in real time. No need to create poses for each avatar's hand / accessory combination anymore.

automatic grasp system automatic grasp system
  • Our story


  • Balance

  • Spinal

    procedural spine
  • Face

  • Arms

  • Gestures

  • Walk

  • Virtual Reality

  • Laval Virtual

    Laval Virtual
  • Online demo

    Procedural walk engine web viewer